Kurilpa Survey

“Cities have the capability of providing something for everybody, only because, and only when, they are created by everybody.”
― Jane Jacobs,
The Death and Life of Great American Cities

The redevelopment of the Kurilpa Point in South Brisbane (25ha of prime riverfront land) is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the single largest land-owners, with the strongest interest in the merits of this project, are the people of Brisbane.

Kurilpa Point is a world-class opportunity for city renewal and we believe that we can only achieve a world-class plan through a world-class process of information sharing, design and community engagement.

Please share with us your dreams, hopes, priorities, most desired outcomes, ideas and schemes for this part of Brisbane’s future on our river. Your views will shape the criteria of the design contest briefs. You will also be afforded further opportunity to review the short-listed proposals by mid-2015.

Just as in the 1988, when the people of Brisbane expressed their wish to retain the best qualities of Expo’88 site led to the creation of South Bank including the parklands, so too do we believe that a great outcome can be achieved on the Kurilpa Point.

Thanks for your time and trust in this process.

Participate in the Kurilpa Survey


Thank you for your interest in the Kurilpa Riverfront Renewal survey. We will be going live with it shortly, and will send an update to our Facebook page, email list and Twitter.

We appreciate your ongoing support for our campaign to provide a better outcome for Brisbane.

Kurilpa Riverfront Renewal Draft Master Plan – 1 Week left to have your say!

Hello Friends,

We hope you are all well and enjoying the glorious Spring weather!

We are writing as it is the last week of public consultation for the Kurilpa Riverfront Renewal Draft Master Plan (KRRDMP). Thanks to all of you, for your support of our Brisbane’s Green Heart campaign – it has been a very busy time as this is such a critical development for our area.

We have been focused on preparing the open design competition, as we believe Brisbane deserves better.

The Brisbane’s Green Heart campaign we launched is about creating leading practice design outcome for all. We have been working with a group of design professionals to progress the open competition terms of reference and criteria. This also includes a survey. We had hoped to have this out sooner and apologise for the delay – technical and development issues made it slower than we anticipated. Thanks for your patience. It will inform the design parameters of what is important to the community for this development. Design professionals, including the Institutes of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture, are highly critical of the KRRDMP and support the approach to have an open design competition.

The original petition for the development of Southbank had just 1581 signatures. As we all enjoy Southbank, we can thank these people who called on the government to provide for the people rather than give the site over to a favoured developer. We believe that once again our voices will be heard, and that we can create a development that provides public benefit for generations to come. We currently have approximately 1300 signatures on our petition to provide equal time and equal access to information for the public. See our survey results on our Brisbane’s Green Heart Facebook page.

Here are three things we are asking you to help with:

  1. Sign the e-petition – we want to reach at least 1581 to equal the original Southbank petition.

  2. Write to the CEO of the Brisbane City Council (and please copy our Local representative, Helen Abrahams)
    CEO BCC CEO@brisbane.qld.gov.au
    Helen Abrahams thegabba.ward@ecn.net.au
    We have attached a template and example submission for you to use.

  3. Tell your friends and family to do the above – especially if they live outside of the local area. This is a development that will impact all of Brisbane and should be for the benefit of all.

We will be in contact shortly about the open competition.

Thanks for your continued support – this is one we need to stand up for!

The WECA Management Committee
Participate, Create, Celebrate!
WECA – 10 years 2014


The Launch of the People’s Plan

Tonight we launched the People’s Plan, and called for an international competition to design the Kurilpa Point redevelopment. Over 350 people attended to South’s League Club for our public meeting tonight to launch this campaign. There was overwhelming support and applause for creating  a 10 hectare world class open greenspace demonstrating quality planning highlighting subtropical design.

Actions to take:


Creating Brisbane’s Green Heart

You can help to create Brisbane’s future. We have a once in a lifetime opporunity to create something great for Brisbane now and for future generations. Tonight we will kick the campaign off to create a world class park at Kurilpa point. We believe that Brisbane deserves amazing green space not a mass of highrise buildings canyonising the riverfront. Join us to create a better Brisbane

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Kurilpa Masterplan: Public Meeting & Update

Hello Neighbours,

It has been a big week in 4101 with the much anticipated launch of the Kurilpa Masterplan. In September 2013, West End Community Association (WECA) welcomed the Kurilpa Masterplan concept as a fantastic opportunity for all of Brisbane to employ big imaginations and open minds to create a great new redevelopment that truly delivers for Brisbane’s residents.  At 25 hectares this site is nearly one and a half times the size of our current Southbank.

Our President, Dr Erin Evans was able to attend the meeting to hear what was said behind the closed doors at the Brisbane Developers hosted event. There was little mention of the community at the event – it was only spoken of once during the 2 hours. There was an audible buzz of excitement as the animation flyover showed the developer audience the number of buildings in the draft plan.  Cr Cooper spoke of how this needs to be a collaboration – between Local, State and the private sector. “This is a great opportunity and if we get this wrong, we will wreck the city centre,” Cr Cooper said. This is a plan that displays a poverty of imagination and a stinginess to the people.  It is firmly entrenched in mid-20th Century thinking.

This is a plan for 20 years and a once in a lifetime opportunity – we have many ideas. We gained the lead on the media attention the day after the release to present a vision of what the people want for a progressive 21st Century.

WECA has actively engaged with residents and design professionals starting way back in 2007 when the study area was first identified as the Peel Street Structure Plan. We believe there is scope for creating a truly world-class urban neighbourhood, that includes:

  • an inspiring “Central Park”;
  • Light Rail-Brisbane is ready for it.
  • World-class example of sub-tropical design-the built form and the streetscapes should be more than a couple of selected species of trees. Our city is located in a sub-tropical climate with 3-4 months a year of wet-season. This new redeveloped neighbourhood should be ‘green’ like no other in all of Brisbane.
  • World-class public space and public benefit: its about time we apply a “public benefit” measure to these large-scale projects.


WECA is hosting a public meeting on 3 September, 6-7 pm at Souths Leagues club.  It is designed to provide information and an opportunity to ask questions.

This issue is drawing together a strong coalition to support and fight for the needs of the community – from across West End and more broadly Brisbane residents.

It is the “big one” that developers have been waiting for.  As a community we must put forward our own view and stand up strong.  As in 1988, when the citizens of Brisbane stood up to gain Southbank when the Bjelke-Petersen government handed the Expo88 site to developers, we need to provide a united front to create the next Brisbane Southbank riverfront area.

Look forward to seeing you all at the meeting.